Get your team together – and keep them there.

Not just another workplace training resource, Leaders in Mind programs are designed around YOU and your company – to meet the needs of each individual and team.

Learn stronger leadership and management skills in our group and one-to-one sessions. You’ll discover simple techniques, based on neuroscience, that equip staff with greater personal power and practical objectives to improve their performance – leading to bigger, better outcomes for your business.

  • Get to grips with leadership
    Understanding your organisation's culture
    Developing leadership awareness
    How to give control and responsibility
    Giving supportive feedback
    The importance of boundaries
  • Future proof your change management
    The importance of change
    Planning and implementation
    The communication
    Encouraging the early adopters
    Understanding the resistors
    Assessing the results
  • Wrap your head around mindfulness
    Mindfulness 101
    Stop, reflect then respond
    Improve focus and attention
    Let go of stress
    Lean in to leadership
  • Make meetings work for you
    Determining the framework
    Having the discussion before the decision
    Managing the group
    Questioning techniques
    Encouraging contribution

Go deeper at our retreats

Looking for more intensive leadership training to really lift your game?

Leaders in Mind hosts retreats at various locations. These immersive experiences give you the space to see the bigger picture of your business – and each person in it. You’ll develop powerful techniques that align personal and organisational values while increasing empathy and reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Discover the possibilities of your potential.

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