Our Tug of War

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Leadership

Ever had that brilliant idea that just comes to you from nowhere? It could be an adventure, a business idea or a surprise for your partner. It all seems so clear and achievable, you start stepping through the process to make it all happen. Then before you know it the doubts and what ifs start to slowly pop into your head and that brilliant idea comes to grinding halt.

“It’s all too hard”, “what if it doesn’t work?, “I don’t have the money”, “I’ll never have the money”, and “I’m not good enough or qualified to take this on.” At this point you don’t realize what you’ve triggered. Each one of those thoughts has now released a chemical cocktail of hormones and neuropeptides that will produce the feelings that correspond to the thoughts you were just thinking.

Before you know it a host of negative emotions wash over you leaving you with a sense of frustration, anger and fear. You’ve just done a little sabotage job on yourself!!!

So why do we play this Tug of War with ourselves? On the one hand we have this desire to grow and set goals to become more. But on the other hand we have this storehouse of limiting beliefs that creep up and take us off our purpose.

The first step in winning this Tug of War is to become conscious of these limiting beliefs and replace them with more positive and uplifting thoughts and statements. Research shows by simply saying “yes I can do this” or “I am more than capable of achieving this”, and being conscious of your thoughts you can create new neural pathways and corresponding behaviors in less than a week.

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What’s doing your head in?

What’s doing your head in?

Have you noticed in the last couple of months that most of our day to day routines that were once carried out without much conscious thought have all gone out the window?