Our Story

Ditch the autopilot and take charge

Your sharpest tool for change is between your ears

The Leaders in Mind Story

Many people feel stuck in their jobs. They are constantly stressed about their lives and struggle to identify and achieve their goals. Does this sound like you?

Leaders in Mind began when we realised the key to sustainable change and growth is all in your mind. Your brain thrives on learning new skills, behaviours and ways of thinking.


The Challenge

We want to give you a solid base to launch from so you can achieve your personal and professional goals. By developing a self-enhancing belief system, a more fulfilling future is yours to create.


The Solution

When you leave behind long-held limiting beliefs and behaviours, you expand the potential of what you can achieve. This has a flow-on effect to workplace culture, resulting in happier teams and individuals, collaborating in a more supportive, productive and stimulating environment. Ultimately, your business is better equipped to retain and nurture talented people.

Imagine a more productive, purposeful life and career.

About Steve Wood

Steve honed his leadership credentials in media, with more than 20 years’ experience in the television industry. As a Senior Executive Producer, Steve managed multi-million-dollar budgets and hundreds of crew simultaneously.

He understands the challenges of managing people in high-pressure environments, where time is money and fast decisions must be made.

The Leaders in Mind workshops are the result of Steve’s extensive industry experience, combined with his Masters of Business Administration and degree in Negotiations.

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