Oh, how I would love a change! Part 2

by | Nov 24, 2019 | Leadership

Yesterday I wrote about how at this time of the year we reflect on the last twelve months and think about what we can change for the year ahead.

Here are my Top 3 Ways to Embrace Change

  1. Steer clear of the resistors. Although you may have some doubts and fears about the proposed changes, the last thing you need is to be seen as part of the group of naysayers that gossip and spread rumours about how bad the immanent changes are going to be. This group is normally the first to be shown the door.
  2. Learn to embrace change. Instead of worrying about what you are going to lose and how you are going to be disadvantaged, be the first to put up your hand to help implement the change. Get involved with new committees and work teams and become a driver of change and new opportunities will open up for you.
  3. Get excited about your growth potential. Change is a good time to take stock of where you are in your career and the value you offer to the organisation. Think about what you can learn, what you can achieve and devise a plan that enables you to move forward with an enthusiastic and positive attitude.

If you find yourself resisting change, take time to think about how you can use the transformation to your advantage. Is there anything that you can learn from it to enable you to expand and grow? Are there opportunities to acquire new skills and thrive in a new environment? It’s best to jump on board and be an early adopter and embrace change.

The great news is I can show you how to implement these 3 tips so you can make drastic and lasting change that enables you to focus on your goals with a new resolve.

There are 3 ways that I can help you.

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What’s doing your head in?

What’s doing your head in?

Have you noticed in the last couple of months that most of our day to day routines that were once carried out without much conscious thought have all gone out the window?