It’s time to think differently about that job you hate

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Leadership

I speak with lots of people from all walks of life that hate their jobs.

A 2017 gallop poll surveyed millions of people from more than 200 countries about their jobs… and the results where staggering. It found that more than 85% of people hate their job and many of those also hate their boss. People are emotionally disconnected from their work and spend more time frustrated and anxious in their daily routines than fulfilled and satisfied.

The top 5 reasons people hate their job:

  1. They dislike their Manager or Boss.
  2. Lack of acknowledgement.
  3. Don’t get along with co-workers.
  4. Not paid enough.
  5. No opportunity to grow.

The fact is most people are working in a job that they don’t find satisfying.

But SHOCK!! Do you believe that moving jobs will change this?

You may well find an organization that has better communication skills, uses praise and encouragement to motivate their staff and provides opportunities that truly challenge and engage you.

But eventually you will discover the bad boss, the co-worker you can’t stand and the lack of praise coming you way returns. That’s when you have the light globe moment and realise that maybe it’s not the job but possibly the perspective or frame that you have been looking at work and life through.

More SHOCK!!… Moving jobs won’t change this. Not until you change how you view your external environment.

The great news is, I can show you how to make drastic and lasting change that energizes you to be in a job you are passionate about.

There are 3 ways that I can help you.

1. Download my free eBook
2. Book a free 15min phone call
3. If you want to get started and get some clarity straight away then message me “roadblock release” and I’ll book you into get started


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