How to find opportunities to grow at work

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Leadership

Are you coasting through your daily work routine? Has your job become too easy? Your skills are second nature, but you just can’t see what the next step is in your career?

GUESS WHAT: You are not alone.

My top 5 tips on creating new opportunities at work

1. Spend time setting clear goals.
Setting goals is not about creating a random wish list. It’s about forming a clear mental picture of your goals that evokes a strong emotional response such as joy, happiness and satisfaction. The clearer this picture and stronger the emotion the better chance you have of acting with courage and passion to achieve your goals.

2. Less distraction more discipline.
Once you have your clearly defined goals you need to develop a laser like discipline. Each day for a week decide to ignore any negative chat about how difficult it is to advance within the organisation you work for. Cultivate a mindset around discipline and the quality of your life will blossom beyond your expectations.

3. Learn new skills.
Even if your current employer doesn’t offer professional development you can always use online recourses to learn in your own time. Create your own learning opportunities, find a mentor, take workshops, research and write blogs, there are many ways to upgrade your skills without leaving your job.

4. Stay alert to your environment.
Spend 10mins a day outside of your autopilot routine of emails, meetings and meaningless water cooler chatter. Instead, undertake research to gain an understanding of your organisation and its growth potentials.

5. Take time for yourself.
If you are planning on pushing yourself to the next level in your career you are going to need the energy, stamina and vitality to support you through the journey. So, you need to get your heart pumping. A 2018 study by the University of British Colombia shows that regular exercise not only reduces stress and anxiety but additional blood flow to the brain during exercise also improves verbal communication, memory and learning. This is just what you need as you begin to take on new challenges.

The great news is I can show you how to implement these 5 tips so you can make drastic and lasting change that enables you to focus on your goals with a new resolve.

There are 3 ways that I can help you.

1. Download my free eBook
2. Book a free 15min phone call
3. If you want to get started and get some clarity straight away then message me “roadblock release” and I’ll book you into get started


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