Flying High

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Leadership

I’ve been spending time examining the neuroscience behind why it is that we get stuck and find it so hard to move forward.

It made me think about when I was 21 and learning to fly. I had completed about 15 hours of training and was still coming to grips with all the procedures and techniques. In my mind there was no way I was ready to fly solo. During a regular lesson at this time I was practicing take off and landings with the instructor firmly strapped in by my side. After successfully completing three of these take offs and landings the instructor asked me to bring the aircraft to a full stop and apply the brakes. In one motion he released his seatbelt, opened the door, left the aircraft and while closing the door said in a calm voice “Ok you’re on your own, off you go, do one circuit, I’ll see you soon”

Stunned and in disbelief, something within me took over as I pushed the throttle forward and accelerated down the runway. Once in the air I recognized for the first time that my life was truly in my own hands. The conscious mind may have thought I was not ready but there was no panic from that inner self that clearly laid out each step required to fly and land the plane without incident. Safely back on the ground the feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating; every nerve ending in my body was electrified, my heart was surging blood through me like I had never felt before.

The lesson? We often don’t think we are ready and that voice in our head will play limiting beliefs on an endless loop if we allow it. We just need to take the first step, push the throttle forward and know we can do it.

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What’s doing your head in?

What’s doing your head in?

Have you noticed in the last couple of months that most of our day to day routines that were once carried out without much conscious thought have all gone out the window?